Jackson Lay


Douglas Payn


Jackson Lay and Douglas Payn (pronounced 'Pine' - and if that pronunciation doesn't sound real to you, ask any devotee of Ayn Rand about it) are both 30-something yuppies living in the same major US city, working for different corporate overlords during the day and working on The Atavist Daily and other literary projects at night. 


One of them is in a long-term relationship with a girl he totally loves but who is a libertarian and would totally flip her sh*t if she knew what he writes here; the other has taken a vow of celibacy until he finds his very own most special lady (or ladies). They're content to let you guess whom is whom. Also, you should know that they've chosen black and white, filtered pictures here because they make them look younger than they are: occasionally one of them gets carded when buying beer, but not as often as he likes to think. 


And yes, they're aware of the fact that they're both white, male, suburban, straight (mostly? the plot thickens...), and of primarily European descent (though Jackson has precisely enough Native American heritage for it not to matter at all). But you only get to complain about that if you contribute yourself first, in the form of a comment or guest article!


As much as Jackson and Douglas enjoy writing The Atavist Daily, they've got pretty busy schedules keeping down their day jobs! Interested in contributing yourself? Contact us and let us know!

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